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Elements Roadshow

Get the Three Essential Elements you need to Engage, Evolve, and Excel in Online Marketing

Once, marketing was confined to a few well understood vehicles where experience was key. This has given way to a continually evolving landscape of incredible complexity and game-changing opportunity. The familiar no longer works – learning and adapting is a daily undertaking.

Today, effective online marketing requires strategies and technologies that deliver the seamless experience your customers demand on your website, on Facebook, in emails, or wherever they interact with you.

With insights from leading organizations across multiple industries, this content-rich seminar will uncover the essential elements of powerful online marketing optimization – innovative advertising, personalization based on in-depth insight, and the multichannel perspectives of your customers.

Who Should Attend

The conference is designed for business, marketing, and merchandising executives who are looking to understand the latest thinking, strategies, and technologies in online marketing.

Anyone interested in display advertising, ad-network optimization, email marketing, web analytics, social media, online marketing, online product or content recommendations, e-commerce or e-business.

What You'll Learn

Leave the conference with practical steps on how to: 

  • Measure, evaluate and improve Facebook investments using business-based metrics and social media analytics
  • Make effective budget allocation and marketing mix decisions for search, and display advertising
  • Deliver relevant and timely offers based on lifetime behavior through email, display ads, and onsite recommendations
  • Build powerful multichannel campaigns by combining a view of online and offline customer interactions
  • Use benchmark to see how you stack up against your competitors
  • Share insight eliminating marketing silos and unlock potential across marketing channels